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Zaheer Iqbal no longer pays heed to dating rumors with Sonakshi Sinha, Salman Khan is the reason

Sonakshi Sinha and Zaheer Iqbal have been close to each other for a long time. In such a situation, there has been speculation about an affair between the two for a long time. However, both have not yet confirmed this relationship nor have they ever said anything on these rumours. Now after a long time, during a recent interview, the star of the film ‘Notebook’, Zaheer gave a reaction saying that he no longer cares about these speculations. Apart from this, the actor told about the suggestion of Salman Khan that Bhai Jaan gave to him.

While talking on the dating rumors in the conversation of ‘India Today.in’, Zaheer Iqbal said- “It’s so long now, I don’t even care. I am fine if you think so because it is your thinking. If you are getting happy thinking that I am with Sonakshi then it is good for you. Although if this bothers you, I’m sorry. All I can say is stop thinking about it.”

Zaheer Iqbal further expresses concern over the rumours, saying – “Rumours are a part of this industry. I knew these things even before I stepped into Bollywood. I knew that every actor has to face it because I have some friends who belong to this industry.”

Salman Khan suggested by
In the conversation, Zaheer recalled the suggestion of Salman Khan when he had given it to the actor for the rumours. Zaheer says that Salman Bhai has always told me about the rumours that many people will write like this, but you do not pay much attention to it. So, I really do not pay attention to all this.

Zaheer-Sonakshi’s friendship happened because of Salman?
Let us tell you that Zaheer Iqbal is very close to Salman Khan. Salman and Zaheer’s father Iqbal Ratnasi are childhood friends. Perhaps this is the reason why both of them have such a deep friendship.

Let us tell you that Salman Khan launched Zaheer in the film industry in the year 2019 through the film Notebook. Pranutan Bahl was in the lead role opposite Zaheer Iqbal in this film. There itself Sonakshi Sinha Salman launched in Bollywood with the 2010 film Dabangg. Like Zaheer, Sonakshi is also very close to Salman. On the other hand, it is said about Zaheer-Sonakshi’s friendship that it was because of Salman Khan that both of them met for the first time.

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