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Worked in many big shows, now this famous TV actress working in call center, bad days started with Corona

Mumbai: After the corona virus, many people had to go through a bad phase. The bad effect of Corona was also seen on the entertainment world. Many TV actors had to go through bad times. These actors also include the name of TV actress Ekta Sharma, who has been away from the small screen for a long time. Ekta Sharma, who has been a part of shows like ‘Kusum’, ‘Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi’, ‘Brahmarakshas’, ‘Vishkanya’ and ‘Sixteen Shringar’, is very upset about work for the last few days, she has not been seen in TV for a long time. He is not getting work, due to which he is now forced to work in the call center.

According to Ekta, she has to work in a call center to run her household. He has seen many ups and downs in the past few years. Especially after Corona. His bad phase started only after the epidemic and then he had to work in a call center to run the house. These days Ekta is living in a rented house in Mumbai.

by unity ETimes Told in a conversation with that his bad days had started after Corona. Ekta was last seen in the serial ‘Bepanah Pyaar’. As soon as the show ended, the work was snatched from him too. He was not getting acting offers, so he had to decide to take a job in a call center to run his house.

Ekta Sharma says- ‘Work was not being available in the acting world. I struggled a lot, sitting at home waiting for me to get some good opportunity. Get a role in a project. I love my work and want to return to acting. But, even after giving continuous look tests and auditions, no work was found. Hope to get some work soon. But, I am angry with the people of the industry, who neither helped me nor gave me work.

Talking about Ekta’s personal life, these days she is fighting for the custody of her 8-year-old daughter. In difficult times, Ekta is trying her best to make a comeback in the acting world and things should improve. According to reports, Ekta married a businessman named Anil Dode in 2009 and a daughter was born to them in 2014.

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