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Why did Sohum Shah get scolded by his mother after watching ‘Tumbad’?

  Why did his mother scolded Sohum Shah after watching 'Tumbad'? - India TV Hindi News
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Why did Sohum Shah get scolded by his mother after watching ‘Tumbad’?

Actor Sohum Shah’s series ‘Maharani 2’ is getting a lot of love from the fans. The actor had earlier surprised fans with his performance in the film ‘Tumbad’. Recently, Soham has shared an interesting anecdote related to the screening of the film. He told that in the year 2018, after the screening of the film’s Venice Film Fest, he got scolded by his mother. He also revealed that his mother had fallen asleep during the screening of the film at that time. He said, “When ‘Tumbad’ premiered in Venice, I took my whole family with me including my mother, my brother, my son and my wife. My mother fell asleep in the middle of the screening. Afraid she fell asleep.”

Talking about the scolding, he said, “When the film ended my nephew was waking up my mother. Later my mother said what kind of film you make and how scary Dadi was in the film. Are you better? Can’t make films? They scolded me a lot.”

He also spoke openly about doing such a people-oriented role. He shared that the character of Bhima Bharti is one with which the people of his hometown and the Indian audience connect easily.

Talking about how Maharani’s Bhima worked for the people of her hometown Sri Ganganagar, she said, “So where I am from, they don’t like films like Ship of Theseus and Tumbbad, they enjoy content like Maharani. Let’s take it. This is my first content that is so comprehensive and accessible.”

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