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Why did Ranveer Singh attend Kapil Sharma’s wedding with Deepika Padukone? Said- ‘Deepu-Deepu has been doing this for 10 years’

Mumbai: It is not hidden from anyone, how big a fan of comedy king Kapil Sharma is, Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone. Kapil has often been talking about his crush on Deepika Padukone. Whenever Deepika reaches Kapil Sharma’s show, Kapil is also seen flirting with her. Now that Deepika Padukone’s husband and Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh has arrived in The Kapil Sharma Show, how can it be that Deepika is not talking about it. Ranveer Singh, who came to promote his film ‘Jayeshbhai Jordaar’ on the show, was once again seen pulling Kapil Sharma’s leg while taking the name of wife Deepika.

Ranveer Singh had arrived on the show along with actress Shalini Pandey to promote his upcoming project Jayeshbhai Jordar. Amidst their funny conversation, Kapil asked the actor, “How is Deepika, good?” On which Archana Puran Singh while interrupting Kapil Sharma says- ‘How is sister-in-law?’ On this Kapil tells that both (Ranveer-Deepika) are his friends.

Reacting to Kapil’s answer, Ranveer says- ‘Deepu-Deepu for 10 years, I am also watching. That’s why when Kapil was getting married, I said, baby you and I will go together in Kapil’s wedding. Even before this, Ranveer Singh has been seen joking with Kapil Sharma by taking the name of Deepika.

Recently, in a show with the Indian women’s cricket team, Kapil was asking a question, when cricketer Sneh Rana jokingly said, “Shaadi toh aapki bhi ho gayi hai but for you Deepika ma’am ki baat ki baat hai, isn’t it? On hearing this, Kapil Sharma started smiling. However, later he changed the topic.

Kapil Sharma was recently seen on Netflix in his stand up special, I’m Not Done Still. There too, the actor shared a photo of Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh, in which he was seen congratulating Newly Wed on their wedding.

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