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Why are fit and healthy celebrities falling prey to heart attacks? You will get goosebumps knowing the reason


It is also necessary to stay mentally fit to avoid heart disease.
Using supplements increases the risk of heart attack.

Heart Attack And Celebrities: Famous comedian Raju Srivastava died on Wednesday. He had a heart attack while doing the gym last month and despite being treated in the hospital for about 41 days, his life could not be saved. In the recent past, many celebrities including Bollywood singer KK, TV actor Dipesh Bhan, Kannada superstar Puneet Rajkumar, actor Siddharth Shukla have died due to heart attack, cardiac arrest and stroke. Surprisingly, all these stars used to make headlines for their excellent fitness. Now everyone is wanting to know that why are celebrities falling prey to heart attacks despite being fit? Let us know the answer from the cardiologist.

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What is the opinion of experts on this question?
of New Delhi Dr. Vanita Arora, Cardiologist at Apollo Hospital It is said that just being physically fit is not enough to keep the heart healthy. Staying mentally fit is also very important to avoid heart disease. All celebrities adopt various methods to keep themselves physically fit. Sometimes they exercise by going to the gym and sometimes they are seen doing other physical activities. However, he is always stressed about many things including performance, competition, fashion, project, look. Many celebrities do drugs, alcohol and smoking too much. All these things have a very negative effect on the heart. Because of this, they are at increased risk of heart disease.

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Is heart attack nothing to do with fitness?
It is often said that people who stay fit and healthy are less prone to diseases. On this, Dr. Vanita Arora says that celebrities pay more attention to physical fitness, but become victims of mental illness. There is no doubt that they have all the resources and their diet is very good. Apart from all these things, mental health becomes the enemy of their life. Factors like midnight party, smoking, alcohol, drugs, strange lifestyle spoil the heart health of celebrities.

These can also be big factors
According to cardiologists, most celebrities are very serious about their looks. They adopt many techniques for weight loss and also use some injections. Using some supplements to build the body increases the risk of heart attack the most. These are also some big factors which can prove to be dangerous for the heart health of celebrities. Not only celebrities, common people should also take care of all these things so that such dangers can be avoided.

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