When the pickpockets gave such a gift to Neetu Kapoor at the wedding, the actress narrated an interesting anecdote

Neetu Kapoor (Neetu Kapoor) told how both he and Rishi Kapoor fainted in their marriage. Neetu and Rishi tied the knot on 22 January 1980 at the Kapoor family’s RK House in Chembur, Mumbai. A large number of people including many celebrities of the film industry attended the wedding.

Neetu recently revealed that she and her late husband Rishi were horrified to see the number of people present at their wedding and both fainted. The actress revealed that she drank brandy to calm herself down. When they were taking rounds, they were drunk.

Neetu recalled this incident in an interview given to the YouTube channel of ‘Swiggy’. The star cast of the film ‘Jug Jug Jio’ was present during the interview. When Varun Dhawan asked Neetu Kapoor if she had attended Anil Kapoor’s wedding, Anil jokingly said, ‘I was not myself in my marriage. There were so few people that I had to find myself.

About 5 thousand people were present in Neetu Kapoor’s wedding
Neetu recalled that there were only five people in Anil’s wedding, while about five thousand people were present in his marriage with Rishi Kapoor. Anil told that he also attended the wedding of Neetu and Rishi. Neetu further said, ‘Oh my God, there were pickpockets in my marriage. They gave me gifts, inside which were stones and slippers. Since they all came dressed up, we thought they were guests.

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All the big stars of Bollywood were present at Neetu Kapoor’s wedding. (Photo Credits: Instagram@neetu54)

Neetu got stones as a gift in marriage
She further says, ‘They were able to enter the wedding, because the wedding was very big. When we opened the gifts, we found stones and slippers. It was very strange.’ Neetu and Rishi got uncomfortable because of the crowd at the wedding. Neetu said, ‘When we were getting married, my husband and I had fainted. We both fainted.

Rishi Kapoor had fainted before Ghuchchari
Neetu Kapoor explained the reason for fainting. She says, ‘I fainted because there were so many people and my husband was afraid of the crowd, so he fainted before getting on the horse. So he and I drank brandy. I was drunk when I was taking rounds. Let us tell you that ‘Jug Jug Jio’ released in theaters today on Friday, June 24, which is getting a good response from the audience.

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