When the doctor told Anurag Basu – ‘You have only 2 weeks’, know how the director won the battle with cancer

‘BarfiAnurag Basu, director of good films like ‘Gangster’, was once suffering from blood cancer. The doctors had assumed that he would not survive. He had even told Anurag Basu that he had only two weeks left, but Jeevat Anurag Basu decided to fight cancer till the end and defeated him only.

According to media reports, Anurag was suffering from blood cancer in the year 2004. He had told in an interview that doctors had told him that he had only 2 weeks left in his life. He has described that period as his worst period. When he came to know that he was suffering from cancer, his wife was pregnant.

Early treatment with the help of Sunil Dutt
Anurag Basu did not tell his wife Tani that he was battling blood cancer, but he came to know about it through the media. When the director was brought to a hospital in Mumbai during treatment, his condition improved. With the support of Sunil Dutt, he was able to get admitted to the hospital early and got the right treatment.

Anurag Basu kept working during chemotherapy
Many friends of Anurag Basu associated with the film industry donated blood for him. They did not know whose blood was in their veins. He had to undergo chemotherapy. He needed money for treatment, due to which he had to return home. When Anurag was undergoing chemotherapy, he was shooting for the film ‘Gangster’ wearing a mask.

Anurag wrote the script of ‘Life in a Metro’ during illness
Anurag was going through a difficult phase then, but he did not let himself be weak. During this time he had prepared the scripts of ‘Gangster’ and ‘Life in a Metro’. The audience still appreciates these films, likes to watch them. Both the films were hits at the box office.

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