When Rajesh Khanna confessed and said – ‘I started considering myself as equal to God’, read this heart touching story

Rajesh Khanna He got success in the film industry with a lot of hard work. The magic of his hard work and personality went up to the heads of the audience and said that Rajesh Khanna became the first superstar of Hindi cinema. Many youth were so inspired by him that like him, he reached Mumbai to try his hand in the film industry. Many were successful and many failed. In an interview, Amitabh Bachchan had also admitted that he was very much influenced by Rajesh Khanna and got the inspiration to appear in films from him.

Rajesh Khanna’s status was such that people used to say that ‘upar aa ka, niehne kaka’. There will be no exaggeration if the actor who is so fond of, whose producer-director is standing in line outside his house, if his mind gets a little spoiled. The situation was that the filmmakers were ready to pay exorbitant amounts, because everyone knew that investing money on Rajesh meant becoming rich.

Rajesh Khanna saw both success and failure
It is said that when a person earns a lot of name and fame, then his ego also increases. Rajesh’s success was at its peak, so gradually he started doing his arbitrariness. The actor had turned down many films of that time. For which they had to suffer. Because of Rajesh Khanna’s habits, many big film directors like Manmohan Desai, Hrishikesh Mukherjee and Shakti Samanta had stopped taking him in their films. In this way, one day it came that his stardom was snatched away.

Rajesh Khanna

Rajesh Khanna was the first superstar of Hindi cinema. (Photo Credits: Movies N Memories/Twitter)

Rajesh Khanna started thinking of himself as God
Rajesh Khanna may be considered arrogant and not caring about time, but he was also very clean of heart. In an interview given to Movie Magazine, Rajesh Khanna had kept his heart open. Recalling from his stormy stardom to the darkness of failure, he had confessed that ‘I began to consider myself equal to God. I still remember that moment when I realized how tremendous success can shake you up….if it doesn’t affect you then you are not human’.

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Rajesh Khanna was shaken by success
Rajesh further said that after the film ‘Andaz’, there was a lottery draw in the assembly in Bangalore. I could only see people’s heads far and wide. It seemed to me that it was some stadium of the Roman Empire. Seeing that scene, I cried like a child… then when I stumbled upon failure, I resorted to alcohol.

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