When Jitendra wrote his name on a friend’s love letter, know whom he had lied to meet London

new Delhi: Veteran Bollywood actor Jitendra (Jeetendra Kapoor) ruled the hearts of people for decades. People copy his dialogue delivery to dance till date. The girls were crazy about Jitendra, while Jitendra’s heart came on Shobha. Jitendra, who was going to celebrate his 80th birthday on 7 April, married Shobha Kapoor in 1974. But, there was a time when Jitendra’s heart had fallen on someone else and he had done all the planning to get married. However, this could not happen because other superstars had come between the two.

Actually, Jitendra started liking the then superstar actress Hema Malini, but the discussions about Dharmendra and Hema Malini’s affair were also going on. The special thing was that this was the time when the heart of Jitendra’s special friend and brilliant actor Sanjeev Kumar also fell on Hema Malini. According to media reports, Sanjeev Kumar had told Jitendra that he would have to deliver his letter to Hema Malini. Jitendra had also agreed for this.

when jeetendra wroter his name on friends love letter know this interesting story

Jitendra started loving Hema Malini. (file photo)

finally the marriage broke up
Jitendra reached Hema Malini’s house with a letter from Sanjeev Kumar, but seeing Hema Malini just kept looking at him. What was it then, he wrote his name on the letter of Sanjeev Kumar. Jitendra was liked by Hema Malini’s parents. He did not like Sanjeev Kumar and Dharmendra, so he said yes to marry Jitendra. Jitendra had already started preparing for the wedding as soon as he heard this and all the preparations for the wedding were done, but Dharmendra called and talked to Hema Malini and both of them broke up.

Jitendra got married
It is said that Dharmendra had called Hema Malini and even threatened to kill herself. After which Hema Malini refused to marry. At the same time, Jitendra went ahead and married Shobha Kapoor. According to many media reports, Jitendra and Shobha dated each other for a long time before marriage.

When he reached London to meet Shobha Kapoor by lying
In an interview, Jitendra had said, ‘After working for a long time, there came a time when I wanted to take a break. At that time Shobha was an air hostess in London. I just lied to the family members that I am going out in connection with the shooting. To meet Shobha, I went to London and stayed in the same hotel where Shobha was staying. One day I rang the bell of Shobha’s room. She opened the door and started crying seeing me. Shobha was surprised to see me.

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