When Jitendra became a duplicate of heroine, V Shantaram was surprised by his getup

Jeetendra He is considered to be the evergreen actor of Hindi cinema. Jitendra made a special identity among the audience due to his dancing style and white dress. Jitendra’s pair with Rekha, Hema Malini, Jaya Prada and Sridevi was very much liked. Today Jitendra has earned a lot of fame and wealth, but he has struggled a lot to reach this point. One can learn from Jitendra’s life that if you are determined to do something, then no one can stop you from being successful. Many times it happens that even after trying, when we do not get success, then we give up and sit down. Something similar happened with Jitendra years ago, but he did not give up and did something that you too would be surprised to hear.

Actually, Jitendra’s father used to work in artificial jewelry. Used to provide ornaments on rent to filmmakers. Jitendra was studying like this, but many times his father Amarnath Kapoor used to send Jitendra to the studio to give jewelry. From here Jitendra got hooked on acting.

Jitendra used to go to the studio to deliver fake jewelry
Please tell that Jitendra’s real name is Ravi Kapoor, he got the name Jitendra in the film world. Ravi often used to go to Rajkamal studio to deliver imitation jewellery. There was a boyhood, Jitendra was also very good to see. Whenever I went, I would meet V Shantaram, the legendary producer-director of that era. Once, gathering courage, Jitendra said that I also want to come in films, you help. At that time, Shantaram refused him, but Jitendra did not give up, kept trying often. Jitendra’s luck opened in the year 1959. When Shantaram was making the film ‘Navrang’, he also gave a small role to Jitendra in it. Just what was it then Jitendra became happy.

Sweat had come to speak a one-line dialogue
After this V Shantaram made ‘Sehra’ and gave a role to Jitendra in that too. It is said that in this film, Jitendra’s condition worsened in speaking a short dialogue in front of the camera, after giving about 20 takes, he was able to speak a one-line dialogue.

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Jitendra was made a duplicate of the heroine of ‘Sehra’
Jitendra had told in an interview to the media that in 1962, the shooting of the film ‘Sehra’ was going on in Bikaner. The heroine of the film was Sandhya, there was a need for a duplicate of Sandhya in a scene, but no duplicate was found there. We used to do small roles then, so did not want to miss the opportunity to please Shantaram ji and enthusiastically said that if no one is getting it, then I become it. Although it was not easy, but my getup was prepared just like the woman he wanted to become a duplicate. Let us tell you that V Shantaram had given him the name Jitendra.

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