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Watch Video: Sapna Choudhary’s dance caught fire in the rain, eyes did not move even for a moment

Sasaram. People start trembling as soon as the name of Sapna Chaudhary comes on the tongue. Something similar happened in Karakat in Rohtas district of Bihar. Here Sapna Choudhary’s gathering became more colorful when Sapna Choudhary kept on dancing after getting drenched in the rain. People were seen sacrificing on his every dance. The occasion was the wedding anniversary of former MLA Sunil Pandey. In such a situation, the supporters were very excited. People stayed in this gathering till late night despite the rain. The whole village was immersed in celebration on each and every song of Sapna Chaudhary. During this, the MLA was present in the gathering along with his supporters.

Local artists were also invited to this program. But people were waiting for Sapna Chaudhary. First, local artists were given a chance on the stage. But when people started shouting dream-sapna, then Sapna Chaudhary made her debut on the stage. As soon as celebrity Sapna Choudhary started dancing, the entire campus erupted in applause. Meanwhile, it started raining heavily. In this rain, Sapna Chaudhary’s dance made the weather hot. People also kept getting wet to enjoy the dance of Sapna Choudhary drenched in the rain under the open sky.

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marriage anniversary of bahubali ex mla sunil pandey

Sunil Pandey, former MLA of Tarari in Bhojpur district, is known for his wonderful hosting. Especially in the areas of Bhojpur and Rohtas, big events have been organized by them from time to time. In such a situation, when Sunil Pandey’s marriage is anniversary, then such a gathering is bound to happen. During this, Sunil Pandey celebrated the wedding anniversary with his wife by cutting a cake on the stage and after that the dance-song round of Sapna Choudhary started, which continued till late at night.

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