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Vikas Gupta was accused by Shilpa Shinde and said- ‘TV world’s mafia’, know the whole matter

Vikas Gupta He is a TV Producer, Creative Director, Screenwriter and Host. He got popularity from the popular TV show ‘Bigg Boss’. In ‘Bigg Boss 11’, the pair of Vikas Gupta and TV’s Angoori sister-in-law i.e. Shilpa Shinde made a big splash. There was a lot of quarrel between the two during the show. Actually Shilpa feels that Vikas had a hand in getting her removed from the show ‘Bhabi Ji Ghar Pe Hain’ and he did not want Shilpa to be a part of ‘Bigg Boss’. However, due to the fight between Shilpa and Vikas, the show was very much discussed.

Vikas Gupta has often been in controversies. Actually, when Shilpa Shinde was playing the character of Angoori Bhabhi, she suddenly said goodbye to the show. While the producer of the show accused her of being unprofessional, Shilpa accused the producer of touching her inappropriately. The programming head of this show was Vikas Gupta. It was alleged that it was Vikas who got Shilpa out of the show.

Vikas Gupta-Shilpa Shinde were in ‘Bigg Boss 11’
Well whatever the truth may have been, but after this controversy, when both of them reached ‘Big Boss’, there was a lot of fighting too. Although till the end, friendship was also seen between the two, even the news of marriage spread, but the enmity did not subside. On social media too, Shilpa had scolded Vikas, which had gone unnoticed by Vikas.

Shilpa Shinde had accused Vikas
Shilpa tweeted and wrote that Vikas Gupta is the mafia of the TV world. Take a look at this notice which I got on 27th September 2017 in the defamation case while I was preparing to go to Bigg Boss 11 on 28th September 1017. There was a plan to stop me from going to Bigg Boss.

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May 7 is Vikas Gupta’s birthday
In response to this tweet, Vikas wrote to Shilpa that ‘Bhabhi ji Shilpa should focus on her work’. However, there was a good bonding between Vikas and Shilpa Shinde during the show. Let us tell you that Vikas Gupta will turn 34 on May 7.

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