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Vikas Gupta B’day: Vikas Gupta had to disclose about himself heavily, mother-brother left together!

Vikas Gupta He is a Producer, Creative Director, Screenwriter and Host born on 7 May 1988 in Dehradun. He also got a lot of popularity due to ‘Bigg Boss 11’ and ‘Bigg Boss 14’. Due to the shows and his work, more developments took place due to revelations about himself. On Vikas’s birthday, he tells some things related to his life.

Vikas Gupta is considered an intelligent producer and creative person. He is also called the mastermind of TV. Vikas started his career as a visual artist in the year 2010. After this, Ekta Kapoor’s work was very much liked by Vikas and gave Vikas the post of creative head in Balaji Telefilms, then Vikas made many shows successful including ‘Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu’.

Vikas Gupta remains in limelight because of his personal life
After some time Vikas Gupta started his production house ‘Lost Boy Productions’. Made many shows like ‘Gumrah’, ‘Yeh Hai Aashiqui’ under its banner. Vikas was in a lot of discussion due to his personal life along with the professional front. Instead of hiding something about himself, Vikas thought it better to make it public.

Vikas had alleged that the family left him
Vikas Gupta had revealed himself to be bisexual by posting an Instagram in June 2020. After this revelation, his family left him. Because of this, they had to suffer a lot. In an interview, Vikas had said that ‘My mother and brother had left the house because I had disclosed my being bisexual in front of everyone. My family is very ashamed of this.

Mother had given clarification on the allegations
However, after these allegations, Vikas Gupta’s mother Sharda Gupta had said that ‘we have distanced ourselves from Vikas but the reason for this is not sexual orientation. Our relationship ended before this thing became public. We already knew about him but loved and accepted him. At present, Vikas is celebrating his birthday.

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Vikas Gupta was seen very emotional many times during the show ‘Bigg Boss’. Many times Rakhi was seen sharing her heart with Sawant and Rashmi Desai.

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