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In the Bhojpuri film industry, singer writer Vijay Chauhan’s industry speaks loudly, the songs written or sung by him perform tremendously in the music world. This song has been presented by Vijay in a different style with his voice and performance, in which superhot and bold actress Mahi Srivastava, who has made a different identity in the Bhojpuri industry, has supported him. Mahi has got her name included in Bhojpuri music world’s top actresses in no time. His given expressions go like an arrow in the hearts of Bhojpuriya audience. On the same, what if the voice of Shilpi Raj, popularly known as Trading Singer, is in his song?

Winning by making a rocking reel
All the songs of the duo’s duo till the end are rocking the Millennium Club. Now ‘reel bana ke jeet raha’ has been released from Dubai Special Song List of Worldwide Records Bhojpuri. Which has been teamed up by Shilpi Raj and writer Singer Vijay Chauhan. Along with this, Vijay Chauhan himself has also performed with Mahi Srivastava in ‘Reel Bana Ke Jeeta Raha’. ‘Reel Bana Ke Jeeta Raha’ can be seen and heard on the official YouTube channel of Worldwide Records. The song has been shot at the best locations of Dubai. Due to which four moons have been added to the grandeur of the song.


Vijay not happy with making Mahi’s reel
Nothing seems too happy about making Vijay-Mahi’s Instagram reel in the song. He tells Mahi that we dil lagke roat bani tu reel banke jeeta raha. Such a cute nokjhok is seen in the song between the two. While Vijay is flaunting white clothes and sunglasses, Mahi’s western look is enough to make the audience swoon. In the song, Vijay and Mahi showed many different looks in the song which is also pleasing to the audience.

What is the team and cast of the song
Presented by Worldwide Records, reel bana ke jeet raha is sung by singers Vijay Chauhan and Shilpi Raj, lyrics are penned by Vijay Chauhan. Its music is given by Arya Sharma. It is produced by producer Ratnakar Kumar. The song is being promoted by the WWR team. It has been directed by Bhojpuriia. The song is choreographed by Goldie Jaiswal and Bobby Jackson. That’s what edit meet ji is.


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