VIDEO: When a Bollywood producer told Shah Rukh Khan, ‘You will not do well at the box office’

Shah Rukh Khan is the ‘King Khan’ of Bollywood. He has worked very hard to become the ‘King Khan’ of Bollywood. By traveling from TV to Bollywood, he made his name in the industry with his work. As a child, Shahrukh wanted to become a player. Once while playing, he fell in school and got hurt a lot, due to which the dream of becoming a player remained incomplete. But luck made him a hero. Shahrukh was not from a film background, so he had to struggle a lot in the early days of his career.

It is said that it is very difficult to forget old things. It is not easy for Shah Rukh Khan to forget the early days of his career. He told an anecdote during an award function that once he reached out to a Bollywood producer, he insulted King Khan and said that he would never be successful at the box office.

When Bollywood producer insulted King Khan
A video of Shahrukh Khan is becoming very viral on social media. The video is from an event of the year 1995. On stage, King Khan mentioned the story when a Bollywood producer had insulted him. In the video, Shahrukh says, ‘When I went to meet a Bollywood producer, he asked me – do you want to be a hero? So I said – yes, sir. He said can you dance? Maine Kahan Yes, Dance Kiya got the answer of the producer sir, ‘Let it stay, ye toh Govinda kilo ke bhav karta hai’. After this the producer asked me to do a fight scene, after which I did a fight scene. But he said, let it be, this is what Sunny Deol does to a ton.

I was determined to listen to the producer
Shahrukh further said, ‘That producer told me that I cannot run at the box office. When I heard this, I decided that if I can’t run at the box office, then I can burn at the box office. If I can’t be a hit at the box office, then I can lose for the box office.

This was said to the newcomers in the film industry
King Khan asked for the new talent who dreams of coming to Bollywood, you people have to give a litmus test, you will have to burn yourself and destroy it, but do not give up. Because the producer told me, you can’t dance, you can’t fight, but I did it all. Watch the full video:

KING KHAN will be seen on screen after a long time
Let us tell you that Shahrukh is one of the most loved and trusted stars in the film industry today. In the year 2023, he will be seen in three films one after the other after a long time. Shah Rukh will be seen in Atlee’s Jawaan, in the film ‘Dunky’ with Rajkumar Hirani, in ‘Pathan’ with Deepika Padukone and John Abraham.

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