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VIDEO: This actress looked romantic with Ankush Raja in Navratri Song, said – ‘Groom the king in the fair’

#Video | The bridegroom’s king turned around in the fair. #Ankush Raja, #Shilpi Raj | Bhojpuri Navratri Songs: Bhojpuri actor and singer Ankush Raja is known for his excellent singing. He has also won awards in singing and his songs also trend on YouTube like Khesari Lal Yadav and Pawan Singh. These days he is busy preparing Navratri songs and in the meantime his new song ‘Mela Me Ghuma Das Dulhe Raja’ has been released, in which he is seen in a romantic mood with Bhojpuri actress Shilpi Raghwani.

In ‘Mela Me Ghum Da S Dulhe Raja’, Ankush Raja is newly married and Shilpi Raghavani, who is performing as his wife, insists him to take her around the Navratri fair. Even though it has been described as a Navratri special song, but if you look closely, it shows the feelings rising in the heart of two newly married couple. However, glimpses of the visions of the Mother Goddess are also seen in this. The picturization of the song is superb and the expressions of the starcast are also wonderful.

In ‘Mela Mein Ghuma Das Dulhe Raja’ where Ankush Raja looks cool in a rocking look wearing sunglasses while his co-star 16 looks sizzling with makeup. In the video, the actress is wearing an old-designed mangalsutra around her vermilion neck and bangles in her hands. In the song, both husband and husband talk to each other on the phone in a romantic mood and in between, some dance moves are also seen in it. This song is sung by Ankush Raja along with Shilpi Raj while the lead star is himself. Lyrics of the song are written by Boss Rampuri and music is given by Arya Sharma. The choreographer is Vishal Gupta and Ravi Pandit is its video director. The song is being liked a lot and it has to be seen once.

Earlier, Ankush’s Raghavani ‘Navratra Mein Aaja Babua Ke Papa’ was released. This song has also rocked YouTube before Navratri and the whole atmosphere is looking devotional in it. In this too, Shilpi Raghavani is seen in the dress of a newly married bride with sixteen adornments.

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