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VIDEO: The woman did such a dance on the song of Govinda at the railway station, seeing other passengers also started dancing

Social media today (Social Media) Has become a store of interesting and funny photos and videos, where you get to see different types of funny content every day. Another such funny and interesting video is becoming increasingly viral. In this video, you can see a woman wearing a sari and holding a pallu on her head, dancing to the song of Govinda at the railway station. This woman dances in her own tune in such a way that the people standing behind her are unable to take their eyes off her.

Even in this short clip of the video, the woman’s dance is so amazing that the people standing behind her, following the same steps, start dancing themselves, sometimes even jokingly it is being said. That in the process of seeing this woman’s dance, some people missed the train. That is, overall people are liking this style of woman very much. Seeing the video will surely put a smile on your face.

Dance is happening on this song of Govinda
In the video, a woman wearing a red sari can be seen standing on the railway platform. Govinda K is dancing a lot on a song. This song is- ‘Aapke Aa Jaane Se…’ During this, the woman is seen with a pallu on her head. She sometimes follows the dance steps of Govinda and sometimes the guitar steps. Now if you watch the video a little more carefully, you will find that the people standing behind the woman are getting very happy, as well as copying the dance steps of the woman.

‘If you have talent, dress doesn’t matter’
After the video went viral on social media, this cool style of the woman is being liked by the internet users. This video has been shared on Instagram with the handle Mehnanitu. The caption of the video read, “Look back, both are copying me.” People have also given very funny comments on this. Many people have asked “Which station is this?” At the same time, a user said, “This proves that if there is skill, then the dress does not matter.”

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