VIDEO: Taking selfie with Malaika Arora was overwhelming for the fan, the actress angrily said- ‘How many photos will you take?’

Malaika Arora Very popular among fans. As soon as any of his posts come, it becomes viral on social media. Malaika also remains a topic of discussion among people due to her style and fitness. Whenever Malaika comes out of the gym, the paparazzi surrounds her. During this, many fans also come to click photos with him. Although the actress often gets her fans clicked with great love, but recently Malaika got furious over the fans being photographed like this. On this netizens started trolling him on social media.

A video of Malaika Arora has been shared on Instagram from a page named ‘Instant Bollywood’, in which she is seen surrounded by some fans. In the video, Malaika is sitting in her car and fans are standing around her. They are constantly trying to take photos of the actress and take selfies with her. A fan tried to take many photos with him, but without success. Malaika Arora was constantly looking at him, but all the pictures were getting blurred, so he kept on clicking photos continuously. Eventually the actress got angry on this act of the fan.

‘How many photos will you take after all?’
Malaika gets furious at her fan and says, “How many photos will you take after all? You have taken too many now”. During this, the annoyance can be clearly seen on Malaika’s face. In such a situation, the fan once again requests the actress to click the photo properly. The actress gets ready. The people standing behind start laughing at this. This video is becoming increasingly viral on social media. It can be seen in the video that Malaika Arora is seen in black spaghetti and shorts. She is wearing a blue cap with her hair tied.

I know a few days ago Malaika Arora Had an accident with a car, in which the actress was badly hurt. Malaika has a mark on her forehead, due to which she is seen wearing a cap.

Dating Arjun Kapoor for many years
Talking about Malaika Arora’s personal life, she is dating Bollywood actor Arjun Kapoor for the last few years. The two are often seen hanging out together. Talks of both of them getting married soon are coming to the fore. In a recent interview to Bombay Times, the actress has also given a hint about marriage. He said that ‘the most important thing is whether we know that we want our future together. We understand each other very well.

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