Video: Sonakshi Sinha ready for marriage with Zaheer Iqbal? confessed his love with the actor!

Bollywood’s Dabangg actress Sonakshi Sinha is in the news these days about her personal life. Sonakshi’s name is being associated with actor Zaheer Iqbal for a long time. However, in the meantime, there is speculation that Zaheer and Sonakshi have made their relationship official (Sonakshi Sinha Zaheer Iqbal affair).

Let us tell you that this speculation is apparently being made about a social media post. (Sonakshi-Zaheer Dating Rumours) Speculation of both the marriages has also started on social media regarding the actor’s post.

In fact, on June 5, Zaheer Iqbal shared a video congratulating Sonakshi Sinha on her birthday. Posting the video, he wrote, “Many happy birthday songs…thank you for not killing me. I love you and there’s a lot of food, love and smiles here.”

Sonakshi was seen with Zaheer in the flight
In the video shared by Zaheer Iqbal, Sonakshi is seen eating burgers on the flight. Zaheer is also seen in the video. Commenting on this post of Zaheer, Sonakshi also wrote, “Thank you, love you and I am coming to kill you. Now seeing the video of this roomed couple, there is speculation on social media that both of them will soon tie the knot. However, there is no official confirmation about this yet.

Apparently Sonakshi came closer because of Salman?
Let us tell you an interesting thing about Sonakshi-Zaheer that both of them were launched by Salman Khan in Bollywood. Salman Khan launched Zaheer in the film industry in the year 2019 through the film Notebook. So the same Sonakshi Sinha made her Bollywood debut with Salman’s 2010 film Dabangg. Obviously Sonakshi is said to be very close to Salman. At the same time, it is said that both of them had their first meeting because of Salman Khan.

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