VIDEO: Karan Johar publicly asked ‘Kaun Banega Sara Ali Khan’s husband’, the actress became watery after hearing

Bollywood actress Sara Ali Khan was seen with director Karan Johar at the Mumbai airport. During this, both of them were seen in a mood of fun holding each other’s hands. Both looked quite cool in their airport look. Meanwhile, while talking to the paparazzi, Karan Johar revealed the talent of Sara Ali Khan and said that Sara has composed a very special poem. Karan appeals to Sara in front of everyone to recite his poem to the people. However, during this, while improving Karan in Sara’s poem, he adds a funny point, hearing which Sara Sharma goes and says that she did not expect it.

The video shared by the paparazzi begins with Karan and Sara exiting the airport. During this, Sara looked very beautiful in a green crop top and matching green pants. On the other hand, Karan Johar looked quite handsome in an all-grey outfit. She completed her look with a large framed goggle.

Karan asked, who will become Sara’s husband?
As soon as Karan sees the paparazzi in the video clip, he points towards Sara and says, ‘You should listen to Sara’s poetry. Sara’s all yours. After listening to Karan’s words, the paparazzi also ask Sara to recite poetry. After this Sara laughs and says, ‘In front of Karan Johar Sara’s poetry is over’. As soon as Sara’s poetry ends, Karan Johar declares that it is incomplete and completes it, saying, ‘Who will become Sara’s husband? Hearing this from Karan, Sara immediately becomes shy and starts laughing. She is then heard saying that I cannot believe it. In the last of the video, Karan hugs Sara and says goodbye to her.

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Sara was seen in Karan’s show
Let us tell you that Sara Ali Khan was recently seen in an episode of Karan Johar’s show ‘Koffee with Karan’ with Jhanvi Kapoor. During this, Karan revealed that Sara was in a relationship with Kartik Aaryan, although Sara had ignored it taking Karan’s words in jest.

Later there were some reports that after this disclosure of Karan in the show, she got angry with him. However, these news also remained as a rumour. Now this new video of Sara and Karan is proof that the bonding of both has become stronger than before.

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