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VIDEO: Charu Asopa told the reason for living with Rajiv Sen again, told the story from quarrel to reconciliation

TV Actress Charu Asopa married Bollywood actress Sushmita’s brother Rajeev Sen in the year 2019. Before marriage, both of them dated each other for many years. Within a year of marriage, their relationship started deteriorating. The confrontation between the two also came in front of the media. Both used to target through cryptic posts on social media. Not only this, both also started living separately during the lockdown. Rajiv often shared posts missing his daughter. Charu and Rajiv also celebrated different festivals.

But now, Rajeev Sen and Charu Asopa have decided to give their marriage a second chance. Recently the couple announced that they have reunited with each other. Both are living together. Charu recently opened up about the reason behind her changing her decision to divorce and giving her marriage another chance.

Rajeev Sen Charu Asopa with Daughter

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In her latest vlog called Charu Asopa, Charu Asopa reveals what inspired her and Rajiv to change their decision to separate. He thanked his fans for supporting him during his tough days. Charu further revealed that when she was in Bhilwara, she had decided that she would go back to Mumbai and start a new journey with her daughter Gianna.

Even after separating from her husband Rajeev Sen, vermilion was seen in the demand of Charu Asopa, then the users said – ‘What is this drama?

anecdote the night before the court proceedings

Charu Asopa told that she believes a lot in God and divine power. There is nothing above this power. Describing his decision as a divine intervention, Charu recalled what had happened the night before the court proceedings. Charu revealed that she reached Mumbai on August 29, 2022 and that she and Rajiv were to go to the family court on August 30, 2022.

out of court

Charu told that the night before going to court, when she and Rajiv were sitting, they started talking and in doing so, many misunderstandings and complaints were resolved. He further added that maybe Bappa (Lord Ganesha) wanted him to give their relationship a chance for the sake of his daughter Ziyana. After this, both of them announced to live together by sharing a family photo with daughter Gianna.

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