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VIDEO: Bhojpuri actress seen romancing on the streets of Dubai, spoke to the famous choreographer – ‘Shaadi Jaiha Karba Ho’

#video | Get married jaiha karba ho. #Preeti Rai | #Apsara Kashyap | Shadi Jaiha Karba | Bhojpuri Song 2022: Bhojpuri Music World’s beautiful actress Apsara Kashyap’s new song has been released on YouTube. Seeing his intoxicating performances in this video, you too will become strong to press your fingers under your teeth. This song is sung by singer Preeti Rai, whose lyrics are ‘Shaadi Jaiha Karba Ho’. This song is also one of the Dubai series of Worldwide Records, which you can watch and listen to by visiting the company’s official YouTube channel. In the video, choreographer actor Goldie Jaiswal has performed amazingly with Apsara.

The video begins with a Sehra in Apsara’s hand, which she shows herself to the star and then begins the song… Baddha Jawaani Chadhat Lagna Maja Mein Tohe Dharwa Ho Shaadi Jaiha Karba Ho Maza Mein Hara Wala Madwa Ho. In the song, the eyes of both of them are not lost from anywhere. The starcast dance moves in the video are also amazing which are ruling the hearts of the audience. Till the time of writing the news, the song has got more than 81 thousand views and more than 2.4k likes. Kavi Masoom is the author of ‘Shaadi Jaiha Karba Ho’, the same music is by Arya Sharma while the producer is Ratnakar Kumar. The video is directed by Bhojariya.

Apsara has fiercely romanced with Khesari Lal Yadav in Bhojpuri song ‘Buniya’. In this, both were seen locked in the cage and close to each other. This video of him is also being liked a lot by the audience. In this song, the actress is married and she comes from her in-laws’ house, being an ex-boyfriend, asks her about her condition, then the actress says about her husband that ‘Bhatar Halwai Lekha Bate’. . The great chemistry between Apsara and Khesari is being seen in the video.

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