VIDEO: ‘Ate the food and did not return the tiffin’, Farah Khan reprimands the celebs – ‘Send the box, otherwise…’

Farah Khan is not only known for her tremendous work, but also for her strong and funny style. Farah is also very active on social media and keeps sharing pictures and memories with celebs including her husband and children. Meanwhile, Farah Khan has shared a video of herself on social media, which has come into the limelight. In this video, Farah Khan has revealed one of her problems regarding her celebrity friends and has also reprimanded everyone. Many celebs have also reacted to this video of Farah.

Actually, in the video, Farah Khan has addressed such celebrity friends, who often carry tiffins from her house. Eat food, but do not return tiffin. In such a situation, Farah took to social media to share her troubles and ask everyone to return her tiffin together and recorded a video of her and shared it on Instagram.

In the video, Farah says- ‘Namaste, this is a public notice for all my friends who come to my house, who like my home food. Those who eat here and also take full food. Now it’s time to return those boxes. Kindly the boxes are very important, give me back my boxes. If you don’t give back the boxes, how will I send you food again? What do you know the cost of a box, send the box back.’

Many celebrities have reacted to this video of Farah and made funny comments. Bhavna Pandey writes- ‘I have returned your boxes.’ Seema Sajdeh wrote- ‘Bachelor, I always send back only after filling the box.’ Apart from this, a reaction has been given through Laughing Emoji. Diana Penty wrote- ‘Your boxes are the best, I am making good use of them.’ At the same time, Sanjay Kapoor wrote- ‘I am sending you an empty box, please put food in it and send it back.’ Raveena Tandon writes- ‘I always send back, that too with return items.’ Maheep Kapoor writes- ‘Jahan (son) has collected many of your boxes.’

Apart from this, many other celebs including Geeta Kapoor, Rahul Vaidya, Simi Garewal, VJ Anusha have reacted to Farah Khan’s video. While many praised Geeta Kapoor’s video, many also complained for not giving her a food box.

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