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Varun Dhawan launched the Hindi trailer of BEAST for this reason, even before its release, fans are calling the film ‘Blockbuster’

‘BEAST’ Hindi Trailer Release: The Hindi trailer of South’s superstar Thalapathy Vijay’s most awaited Tamil film ‘Beast’ has been released, which has been launched by Bollywood actor Varun Dhawan. This Tamil film in Hindi has been named ‘Raw’ and the trailer has been released as ‘Bist (Raw)’.

Now you must be wondering why Varun Dhawan launched the Hindi trailer of Thalapathy Vijay’s most awaited Tamil film ‘Beast’? Well it is also right to think so. So let us tell you that Varun himself has given the answer to this question of yours. Sharing the trailer of this ‘Raw’ on his Twitter, he has clearly told that he is a big fan of Thalapathy Vijay.

Sharing this trailer, Varun Dhawan wrote, ‘Happy to launch the Hindi trailer of the action packed Beast. Feel the power, terror and fire. as always victory I am a big fan of Sir. This trailer has become viral on social media as soon as Varun shared it. Fans are constantly commenting on this video and calling this film a ‘blockbuster’ even before its release.

Dumdaar Hai Beast (Raw) trailer
Let us now tell you some things about this trailer. The trailer of the film is very strong. You will be blown away by Vijay’s look in the trailer. The story of the film is of a soldier (Veer Raghav), who is an agent of RAW and Vijay is in the role of that soldier. The trailer starts with a hijack of a mall, where some terrorists take the people of the mall hostage, but the twist comes in the trailer when it is shown that by mistake Veer Raghav is also trapped in the same mall and Veer Raghav is not an ordinary person, but he is very dangerous for the enemies.

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