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Users furious for spoiling Anupama-Anuj’s marriage, the makers are still happy with the audience, know the reason

New Delhi: The fans of Rupali Ganguli and Gaurav Khanna were quite disappointed after an episode of ‘Anupama’ in the past. Fans, while doing ‘#Stop ruining Anupamaa’ on social media, alleged that the makers were paying more attention to Vanraj’s negativity between Anuj and Anupama’s wedding sequence. Fans also believe that the Mehndi special episode was badly executed as Anupama’s hands looked dirty. That’s why the fans trended ‘#Stop ruining Anupamaa’ on Twitter.

Finally, after a few days of this trend, now the makers of ‘Anupama’ have given their reaction on this trend. According to a report in Bollywood Life, the makers are not worried about the trend of ‘#stop ruining Anupamaa’ but are happy because that was their real aim. He wanted to show that middle class weddings are not perfect. Makers have said, ‘Yes, we have seen the trend. We wanted to show a middle class wedding. Neither Anupama is rich nor Anuj Kapadia. That’s why we wanted to show it in a way that people connect.

show plot
There itself, ‘Anupama’ Talking about the plot of the show, at present the wedding rituals of Anuj and Anupama are being performed in the show. A big twist between Anuj and Anupama’s henna and sangeet comes when Bapuji falls in the middle of the sangeet and suffers a heart attack. In such a situation, due to Bapuji’s illness, Anupama now marries Anuj or postpones her marriage, it will be shown in the coming days. Anupama tells Anuj about the importance of Bapuji in his life.

Anupamaa makers are glad that stop ruining anupamaa was trending on social media

Pre-wedding rituals of Anuj and Anupama are currently being performed in ‘Anupama’. (File photo)

‘Anupama’ tops the TRP game
Anupama is currently involved in television’s most popular and high TRP show. ‘Anupama’ has been ruling the TRP charts for a long time. Through this show, Rupali Ganguly has made a great comeback in the world of TV. At the same time, apart from them, Gaurav Khanna, Sudhanshu Pandey, Madalsa Sharma, Nidhi Shah, and Paras Kalnavat are in the lead roles in this serial.

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