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Urfi Javed gave a befitting reply to Rahul Vaidya’s comment, said- ‘People target Bulls Eye’

urfi javed (Urfia Javed Fashion Sense) is often targeted for her dress and fan sense. Being targeted and ridiculed for choice and fashion sense is nothing new. Urfi has a special message for those trollers who target her fashion sense. He has also responded to a statement by Bigg Boss 15 contestant and singer Rahul Vaidya. Rahul recently said without naming anyone that in the coming days people will start posting nude in the name of fashion.

However, when Urfi Javed was asked on this statement of Rahul Vaidya, he denied that Rahul was talking about him. When asked if he thinks people are targeting him right, Urfi jokingly replied that yes, it is true. He laughed and said, “Target me.”

Paparazzi Viral Bhayani has shared a video of Urfi Javed Video. In this video, he can be seen wearing a backless T-shirt. She poses to the paparazzi, during which a paparazzi asks her, “Urfi ji Rahul has commented on you, what would you like to say?” In response to this question, Urfi said, “Did not comment about me.”

‘People target Bulls Eye’

After this, Urfi Javed said, “Anyway, the target is only on the bulls eye, right.” After this the paparazzi asked him that you do not find it wrong? On this, Urfi laughed and said, “Don’t target. Target me.” Everyone is liking this answer of Urfi. His cool style and impeccable answer people are commenting on fire and heart emojis.

Did Rahul Vaidya take a jibe at Urfi Javed’s fashion sense? Know what the singer wrote in the tweet

Rahul Vaidya did this tweet

Let us tell you that last week, Rahul Vaidya tweeted, “I saw a picture on Instagram today. My wife has sent me. And keep in mind my words that in the coming years people will start posting nude in the name of fashion or trend!” Save this tweet for proof. God bless us.” Rahul may not have named anyone, but this has led netizens to speculate whether he was talking about the alias Javed?

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