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Urfi Javed again spotted at the airport, is the actress going to the Cannes Film Festival?

Urfi Javed She remains in the headlines a lot about her fashion. Sometimes she gets trolled due to her peculiar fashion, but her specialty is that she does not let all this affect herself and keeps on doing whatever has to be done. Now along with Instagram posts, Urfi is also looting a lot of limelight for her unique airport looks. As usual, Urfi was again spotted at the Mumbai airport, where she was teased at the Cannes Film Festival.

In a video shared by paparazzi ‘Viral Bhayani’, Urfi Javed is seen in a beautiful floral print blue sari at the airport. She has made hair pony. It is known that at this time many Bollywood stars are reaching the Cannes Film Festival 2022. In such a situation, when the paparazzi asked Urfi, ‘Are you going to the Cannes festival or not?’ So Urfi gave a very funny answer to this question.

Urfi gave this answer with a laugh
Urfi laughed after hearing the question of the paparazzi and then she said, ‘Don’t call me here for any festival, what will you call there…’ On this the paparazzi encourages her and says that ‘Aayega, Aayega, one day a call will come from Cannes. .’ On this, Urfi says, “One day I will get everyone’s clothes designed. Everyone will come wearing my designed clothes on my birthday. Very few people know that sometimes Urfi designs her own clothes.

Urfi Javed’s fan following is increasing continuously
Along with all this, it can also be seen in the video that on seeing Urfi, a crowd of fans throng to take selfies with her. Urfi does not disappoint anyone and takes selfies with everyone. even in the midst of trolling urfi javed The fan following is continuously increasing. Recently, Urfi has got 3 million followers on Instagram. With this, Urfi was seen partying with her friends, whose video she also shared on her Instagram handle.

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