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To woo Akshara Singh, when Khesari Lal Yadav danced on stage as a woman; 31 crore people watched VIDEO

Khesari Lal Hottest Song – Bhatar Ba Mauga – New Bhojpuri Hit Songs – Bhojpuri Song: Bhojpuri cinema’s superstar Khesari Lal is often in the news through new songs and films. Recently he has given some superhit songs with Akshara Singh. Both the Pani-Pani Bhojpuri version and Mere Dream Mein Teri Entry have been amazing music videos. But here we are telling you about an old song of this pair. Actually, we are talking about Khesari Lal and Akshara Singh’s Bhojpuri film Dilwala which was well-liked. But in one of its songs, the actor is seen performing as a woman.

This song became very viral on social media in the year 2017 which is full of comedy. If you see this, Bhojpuri star’s getup will be laughing. In the film, this song takes place during an inter school dance competition, where Khesari comes in such a disguise. The song ‘Bhatar Ba Mauga’ of the film has been seen by more than 31 crores i.e. 310 million people on YouTube.

This music video was released by Wave Music Bhojpuri on its YouTube channel in June 2017. On the other hand, the video of his Bhojpuri Song ‘Tohra Akhiyan Ke Kajra Jhagra Dele Ba’ is also being watched a lot. This song of Khesari Lal has been seen by 9.4 crores i.e. more than 95 million people. The Bhojpuri star has created a ruckus through the song. This song was released by Annapurna Films on its YouTube channel in November 2022, which has gathered so many users in 4 months. In the video, the actor is seen with Bhojpuri cinema actress Mahima Singh.

Apart from this, his song ‘Dhodhi Mein Phas Ke Tutal Bushat Ke Button Ho’ from Khesari Lal Yadav’s film ‘Ladla’ is still impressing the fans. In the song, he is seen with actress Neha Shree. This song is sung by Indu Sonali with Khesari Lal and written by Azad Singh and Pyare Lal Yadav.

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