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This VIDEO of Namrata Malla’s Sizzling Dance was seen by 20 million+ people in 4 days after Pawan Singh’s ‘Lal Ghaghra’

#Video | #Pawan Singh New Song | Red Ghagra | Lal Ghaghra | Shilpi Raj | Namrita Malla| Bhojpuri Song: Power Star Pawan Singh’s song ‘Lal Ghaghra’ is trending at number 1 on YouTube for the second consecutive day. Badrinath Jha, the managing director of Saregama Hum Bhojpuri, is very proud of this success of the song and now he is going to make many more songs about Pawan Singh. Badrinath Jha has announced this. He said that all types of audience are liking this song of Pawan Singh. This song has become very popular especially among women, which is good news for Bhojpuri music.

Badrinath Jha said that the song ‘Lal Ghaghra’ was released from our YouTube channel Saregama Hum Bhojpuri and it has got more than 20 million views in just four days, which motivates us to do better. He said that we should come forward to change the industry and leave negative things and focus on positive things. The purpose of Saregama Hum Bhojpuri is to release and promote good songs. In this episode, when we were approached for this song, we agreed to it without delay, the result is in front of everyone.

Let us know that Lal Ghaghra got 12 million views on the day of its release and so far more than 16 million people have seen it. This figure is not going to stop at the moment and its views are increasing day by day. With the love and blessings that the song is getting, we are sure that this song will soon join the 100 million club. He said that we are going to bring more songs with Pawan Singh, which will be more than one.

Let us tell you that in the song ‘Lal Ghaghra’, Pawan Singh and Namrita are seen in Malla and the chemistry of both of them is freezing. His fans are very fond of this song. The music video of the song is no less than a block buster song. This song is written by Vijay Chauhan. Music is by Shubham Raj (SBR). This song is sung by Pawan Singh along with Shilpi Raj. Video Director is Saroj Katonch and DOP is Mahesh Venkat while Editor is Vikas Pawar.

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