This star kid looks handsome and hunk like a Hollywood hero, the superstar family wishes birthday in a special way

Bollywood player Akshay Kumar’s son Aarav has turned 20. Aarav, who looked cute since childhood, was getting an influx of birthday wishes. Aarav’s mother Twinkle Khanna has wished him a happy birthday in a unique way. Twinkle posted a special picture and wished Aarav on his birthday. Thousands of people have wished on this post of Twinkle.

Twinkle Khanna posted a special picture of Aarav on his Instagram account on his birthday. In the picture, Aarav is posing with colorful balloons. A sweet smile is visible on the face of birthday boy Aarav.

Twinkle wrote a special note
Twinkle Khanna has also written a special note in the caption. This note is touching the hearts of people. Twinkle wrote, ‘He turns 20! Now it is very difficult to adopt him, but then it is also difficult to give up in the last. The problem is that we think so much about their upbringing that they will grow up to be like this. We do the same thing year after year. In this phase we forget that what they want to do in life should be their decision. It’s hard to back down from all this, but I’m proud of the fact that he’s a wonderful guy. Aarav is capable of making his own future’.

Aarav stays away from lime light
Aarav stays away from lime light. Although many times Aarav has been seen in party with Starkids. Aarav is very happy in his life. Aarav is also very active on social media. Aarav keeps posting photos with himself and his family on Instagram. Fans also comment a lot on his pictures. Aarav also has a large number of followers on Instagram.

no plans for film career
Let us tell you that being a star kid, the question has often arisen whether Aarav is going to step into Bollywood like his father, mother, grandfather and grandmother. But it has not been decided yet. Aarav is completing his studies. At the same time, both Aarav’s mother and father have said that Aarav has his own choice regarding career. Aarav can pursue whatever career he wants.

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