That last story of the cinema hall in Kashmir; 70 people were watching Aamir Khan’s ‘Mangal Pandey’ and the bullets went on

Opening of cinema halls in Kashmir Valley, this incident is not as common as the opening of cinema halls in any other part of the country. Actually, making a plan to watch a movie today is as easy as booking a ticket on your mobile and enjoying the movie, but it has not always been like this. To watch a movie, first take both permission and money from the father, convince the mother, then the long line for hours, still taking tickets in black for not being able to buy the tickets… and then going to see the cinema landing on the silver screen somewhere… all this. Had to do All this used to happen in Kashmir as well and continued for years, but in the last 23 years, Kashmir was seen a lot in films, but films were not seen in Kashmir.

Today we are telling you about the incident and atmosphere, when 23 years ago the cinema halls left Kashmir. Dr. Sewa Singh Bajwa has written in detail in the history of cinema in Kashmir in his book ‘The Facets of Indian Cinema’. On the incident of opening and closing of cinema halls in Kashmir, he writes in this book, When terrorism started dominating in the ’90s, cinema was one of the first victims. Terrorists and extremists first outlawed cinema. There was a terrorist organization, ‘Allah Tigers’, he issued orders against liquor shops and cinema halls. In 1989, the theater owners closed all the halls of fear. Then they thought it was a matter of a few days.

He further writes in his book, ‘Then the year 1999 came, the situation came under control, terrorism decreased. In such a situation, Regal, Neelam Baur Broadway cinemas gathered courage and started again. In the same year, terrorists attacked Regal Cinema and one man was killed. Around a dozen people were injured. In September 2005, Neelam Cinema was the only cinema which was still running. It featured Aamir Khan’s film ‘Mangal Pandey The Rising’. Around 70 people were watching the film at that time. That’s when an encounter took place, a terrorist was killed .. who goes to watch a film in such an environment when he has lost his life. After this, the government in Kashmir tried hard to make a relationship between the people and the cinema halls again, but it did not happen.

Now after almost 23 years, cinema is buzzing again in Kashmir. It is interesting that Aamir Khan’s last film was also seen in Kashmir and after years now people there will once again see Aamir Khan on screen first. Aamir Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan’s ‘Lal Singh Chaddha’ will be screened at the first multiplex of Srinagar today. At the same time, Hrithik Roshan and Saif Ali Khan starrer film ‘Vikram Vedha’, which is going to be released nationwide on September 23, and director Mani Ratnam’s PS I is the first to be released in Kashmir after 23 years. Movies will be made.

The owner of this multiplex opened in Kashmir, Vijay Dhar told News18- “The culture of watching a family film together has been lost. We are trying to provide a comfortable place to entertain the youth and the elderly in Kashmir.” Vijay is a Kashmir Pandit and he opened a school in Srinagar years ago when his friends advised him not to go to Kashmir.

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