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Tejashwi Prakash told the problems of dating an actor, said- Karan Kundra is not in a normal relationship

Tejasswi Prakash And there is a lot of discussion about the relationship of Karan Kundrra. The two are often spotted together. Both the lovebirds are sometimes seen having fun on the streets of Mumbai and sometimes they are found together outside the shooting sets. Not only this, both of them openly express their love on social media. Tejashwi claims that she is dating an actor for the first time. The actress says that Karan has already dated but I am a private person. I have never dated an actor, I always thought things would leak, this is all new to me.

During an interview with Hindustan Times, when Tejashwi Prakash was asked what is the difference between dating one actor and another, Tejashwi quickly replies that there is a huge difference. If you are with a boyfriend who is not an actor then no one cares, but if you are with Karan then people know his car too. This is not a normal relationship.

Fans keep track of your every activity
Tejashwi Prakash recalls an incident that said, ‘When her Valentine’s reel with Karan Kundrra got deleted from Instagram due to a glitch, our fans raised the question that how could she delete the post? If I heard such things, then you just have to be ready for such questions. Keep an eye on every small and big activity’.

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Karan and Tejashwi fell in love in ‘Bigg Boss 15’. (Instagram/kkundrra/tejasswiprakash)

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Dating an actor is not easy
After the show ‘Bigg Boss 15’, this pair is called by the name of ‘Tejaran’. Tejashwi says that ‘if Karan shows a tilak on his forehead, then it must have been stopped or if Tejashwi did not put a post for Kundra’s show, then there is definitely a mess between the two. I love all the positive rumors about Roka and marriage…but this is also funny. Why should I tell you that it is stopped, if we are planning our wedding or we are buying a house then it is between us’.

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