Tanushree Dutta made serious allegations, said – tried to kill me many times, poison mixed in water

In the year 2020, actress Tanushree Dutta was embroiled in controversy when she accused actor Nana Patekar of molestation. The controversy that started with Tanushree became a big ruckus and a MeToo campaign started on Twitter. This campaign, which was in discussion for a long time, started with the allegations of Tanushree in India. Now Tanushree has once again made serious revelations.

Tanushree told in a recent interview that many times attempts were made to take her life. Once Tanushree was badly injured in a car accident. Tanushree told that there were many attempts to take my life. According to media reports, while giving an interview to Connect FM Canada, Tanushree told that an attempt was made to kill her by mixing something in her water as well.

accused of breaking the car
Tanushree Dutta told that her car was damaged several times when she was in Ujjain. Along with this, he also had a terrible car accident during this time. In which his bones were broken. Tanushree remained in bed for several months. Tanushree told that it took me a long time to heal after the accident. Also my blood was wasted. During her interview, Tanushree told that a conspiracy is being hatched to kill me, it was revealed when I came to know that poison is being mixed in my water too. Tanushree said that for this a med was sent to my house under planning. After that I fell ill. Then I was convinced that poison was being mixed in my water.

encouraged to commit suicide
Tanushree said that when I tried to make a comeback in Bollywood, it resulted in bad results. Also I was encouraged to commit suicide. Tanushree said that the Bollywood mafia and old accused leaders of our nation run such operations and people are harassed. Tanushree said that behind all this, those people whom I had exposed under the MeToo campaign.

Nana Patekar was accused under the MeToo campaign
Let us tell you that about 2 years ago, Tanushree Dutta made serious allegations of sexual abuse against actor Nana Patekar. After this, she was surrounded by controversies for a long time. However, after the matter escalated, the police also intervened and investigated the matter. After which Nana Patekar got a clean chit. Even after this, this dispute was in discussion for a long time. This controversy, which started with Tanushree, had become a big social campaign. Many women had shared their experiences with Tanushree.

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