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Tanushree Dutta is in Conspiracy The actress post horrifying experience in a long Note / Conspiracy to murder against Tanushree Dutta? The actress narrated a horrifying experience in a long post

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Tanushree Dutta


  • Conspiracy against Tanushree Dutta
  • Actress narrated her ordeal
  • NGO people are suspicious

Tanushree Dutta Horrifying Experience: Actress Tanushree Dutta, who started the #MeToo campaign in the country, is once again in the news. Tanushree, who has always spoken out loud and fought fearlessly for her rights, has narrated her ordeal in a long post. In this post, he has written that for some time a conspiracy of ‘Bollywood Mafia’ is going on against him. Sometimes medicines are being mixed in their food and sometimes their car is being tampered with.

car accident

Tanushree Dutta has shared this note while sharing a picture in a red dress. He wrote, ‘I am being harassed and targeted. Please do something! My Bollywood work has been ruined in the last one year. Tanushree further said, ‘A med was planted in my house which mixed medicines and steroids in my water, due to which I got many health problems. Then when I went to Ujjain, the brakes of my car were damaged twice there and I had an accident.

Said- ‘I will not commit suicide’
Further, Tanushree Dutta said- ‘I have narrowly escaped death, after that I have returned to Mumbai to live a normal life again in 40 days. But now strange and nasty things are happening outside my flat in my building. But one thing is certain that I will not commit suicide. Listen to this with all ears open. Nor am I going to run away from here. I have come to live here and will take my career to the next level. The Bollywood mafia and anti-national criminals with shoddy thinking usually work like this to harass people.

NGO people are suspicious
The actress (Tanushree Dutta) expressed doubts behind these antics, writing, ‘I am sure that the same people guilty of ‘MeToo’ and the NGO I exposed are behind these antics. Have some Shame! I know that many people will say my words wrong, but I have been posting updates on all this on Instagram for a long time.

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