Suraiya Birth Anniversary: ​​Suraiya and Dev Anand’s love story remained incomplete because of Nani

Suraiya Due to beauty and singing, she was an actress who made her special place in Hindi cinema. Born on June 15, 1929 in Pakistan, Suraiya used to do the work she used to do with great enthusiasm. That’s why when they loved and the era did not allow them to unite, he did what was in his control. He gave all his life to the person whose name was Dev Anand. The same Dev Anand on whose style girls used to die. The same Dev Anand whose wearing black coat was banned. It is said that the gods used to look so handsome in black coats that girls used to get bent on giving their lives. The heart of such a god used to beat for Suraiya. Suraiya was also so beautiful that once someone saw her, it was difficult to take her eyes off.

It is said that Suraiya and Dev Anand first met during the shooting of the film ‘Vidya’. The acquaintance on the shoot had turned into love while giving romantic shots, both the veteran actors were aware of this. It is said that both of them used to give such shots by drowning in love that the director used to be blown away. There had been so much closeness from the very first film that the discussions of Suraiya-Dev’s love started happening in the entire industry.


Actress-singer Suraiya was Bala’s beautiful.

Discussions of Suraiya-Dev’s love
Suraiya had already set her foot in the film industry while Dev Anand was still trying. Suraiya was not only a seasoned actress but also a great singer. His name was another place in the film world. Dev Anand used to visit Suraiya’s house often and Suraiya’s mother also liked him. It is said that love and love cannot be hidden, something similar happened with Suraiya too. When the grandmother of the actress came to know about their love-filled affairs, she was stunned.

Suraiya-Dev could not get married because of religion
Since Nani was very domineering and no one could avoid her saying. Suraiya’s grandmother first stopped Dev’s coming home. Nani did not like her granddaughter’s love with the same actor on whom girls from all over the world used to spend her life. The only reason behind this was religion, the grandmother could not tolerate that her granddaughter should marry a boy of another religion.

Dev Anand gave the diamond ring to Suraiya
According to Dev Anand’s autobiography ‘Romancing with Life’, Dev had bought a diamond ring for Suraiya. At that time its price was 3 thousand rupees. In those days, very few people had that much money. In an interview given to Stardust, Suraiya had told that ‘One day I wore the ring of Dev during the shooting. As soon as Nani came to know, she forcibly took off the diamond ring and did not know what to do. Suraiya cried a lot at this because he knew that Dev had bought a diamond ring for him by borrowing from his friends.

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Suraiya could not dare
Suraiya and Dev had secretly made complete preparations for the wedding. It is said that there was all the preparation for the wedding on the shooting set, but when the grandmother got the news, she dragged her home. Nani intimidated Suraiya a lot, but Suraiya was not affected, but when it happened to Dev’s life, she got scared badly. Although Suraiya did not marry anyone else, she remained unmarried for the rest of her life.

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