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Sudha Chandran will be seen in double role after 35 years, playing a special character in ‘Naagin 6’

Sudha Chandran (Sudha Chandran) has been fascinated by double roles for a long time. She considers herself lucky that she got a chance to play a role in the show ‘Naagin 6’. The actress, who plays Seema and her mother Tara in the show, loves the clash between the two roles.

During a conversation with IANS, the actress said, ‘I am playing two characters for the first time. It’s quite exciting. I always wanted to play two characters. When I saw actors playing double roles, I wished I could do the same sometime, but I never got such an opportunity. Balaji Telefilms gave me a chance after 35-36 years, which I have cherished.

Talking about the difference between the characters, he said, “I have always felt that diversity is very important. If you see me in ‘Naagin 6’, the role of Tara that I have played is a tribal. I have made her very old time and kept her makeup very dark.

both the roles are very different
Sudha further says, ‘However, I also have the role of Seema. Its presence is quite beautiful. When I saw myself in the mirror as an actor, I realized how different these two roles are.

Biggest challenge to differentiate yourself in double role
Sudha Chandran Describing the difficulties faced, he said, ‘The biggest challenge is to differentiate yourself in different roles. Behavior should be different. It is the happiest feeling to see myself in both the situations. He further revealed how he came to know about the double role.

Costume designer told about double role
She said, ‘I remember the costume designer sent me an email saying that these were Seema’s mother’s saris, to which I replied, ‘Maybe you handed it over to me by mistake, because I am playing the role of Seema. I have been.’ She told me that I am playing two roles, which surprised me as no one had informed me about this information. But, I didn’t get worried because I was aware of my potential.

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