Staff member showed arrogance in flight with Pooja Hegde, actress narrated her ordeal on Twitter

Pooja Hegde remains in the headlines due to her films and social media posts. By the way, Pooja Hegde is known for her calm nature and often she presents herself in a cute way in front of the paparazzi. Recently, Pooja Hegde’s angry look was seen when the matter of Misbehave with Pooja Hegde came to light with her on the flight. This thing has been disclosed by the actress herself. Expressing his displeasure by a tweet (Pooja Hegde Tweet), he narrated the ordeal heard on Twitter, after which the airline company also apologized to Pooja Hegde from him.

Pooja Hegde is very active on social media. Recently, by tweeting, he expressed his anger over the indecent and threatening tone made by an Indigo airline staff.

What did Pooja Hegde tweet
He tweeted and tagged Indigo airline and wrote- ‘I am deeply saddened by how IndiGo staff member Vipul Nakshe misbehaved with us on a flight to Mumbai. Spoke to us in an arrogant, ignorant and threatening tone without any reason. I don’t normally tweet like this, but it was really horrifying.

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Pooja Hegde’s tweet

Airlines apologize after Pooja Hegde’s tweet
There was an immediate reaction from the airline on this tweet of Pooja Hegde and she was apologized for. The PNR number and phone number of the actress have been asked to do DA. However, after this tweet of the airline, no reaction came from Pooja Hegde’s side.

Such incidents have come to the fore in the past
Let us tell you that this is not the first incident with any actress, even before this many actors and actresses have expressed their displeasure with many airlines companies.

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