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sri lanka crisis Jacqueline Fernandez stood up in support of her country made an emotional post on Instagram

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Jacqueline Fernandez


  • Jacqueline Fernandez has come out in support for her country
  • Jacqueline, a resident of Sri Lanka, is upset to see the situation in her country.

Sri Lanka is going through a big crisis these days, in such a situation, Jacqueline Fernandes has come out in support for her country. Jacqueline, a resident of Sri Lanka, is upset seeing the conditions of her country and has written a long note for the people there. Along with this note, Jacqueline has also posted a photo, in which there are many hands holding the Sri Lankan flag.

Jacqueline Fernandes wrote on his Instagram, being a Sri Lankan it is very sad to see that my country and countrymen are in this condition. I heard many things from all over the world. I want to say that after watching anything, do not give your judgment in haste. What the world and my people need is not someone else’s judgment but sympathy and support. For their strength and well being, 2 minutes of silence will bring them closer and closer to you.

In her post, she further wrote, ‘I am hoping that all this will end soon. Such a remedy should be found for this tragedy so that everyone gets peace and people get good. I wish strength to those facing this problem.

Let me tell you, the film ‘Attack’ was released in theaters on 1 April and Jacqueline is seen opposite John Abraham in this film.

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