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South’s famous actor is forced to leave acting and pick up garbage, said, ‘Selfie does not extinguish stomach fire’

South cinema’s famous actor Unni Rajan is known for his strong acting. He has worked in more than one Malayalam films. He has left an indelible mark in the hearts of the audience due to his acting. In such a situation, now a sad news is coming out about him that he is forced to leave acting and take up garbage and while expressing his pain (Unni Rajan Emotional Story), the actor says that ‘selfie is not to the fire of the stomach’. extinguishes’. Let us tell you that Rajan Famous is the son of late actor Rajan P Dev. He is known for his strong role in Malayalam films.

If reports are to be believed, 48-year-old actor Unni Rajan had recently applied for a government job as a sweeper to work in a hostel in his hometown of Kasaragod. Here he has also been selected. The actors will also start working there after May 15. It is being told about Rajan’s work that he will have to clean 10 toilets. It is being told that these toilets will be from the Government Post Matric Hostel run by the Scheduled Caste Development Department of the Government of Kerala. At the same time, the actor also said about this work that ‘he has voluntarily liked this work. Salary is available here regularly. Whereas in the world of entertainment one has to wait a long time.

The actor shared his pain and said that ‘when he was coming for the interview for this job, during that time more than 50 people took selfie with him on the bus he was coming from.’ Raising the question, he said that ‘but can this fill his and his family’s stomach. Because money is not available on time in the entertainment world.

Actor was arrested last year

Let us remind you that in May last year, Unni Rajan’s wife Priyanka died, in connection with which the actor was also arrested. His wife Priyanka (26) committed suicide at their home in Vembayam near Thiruvananthapuram. A day before the suicide, his wife had lodged a complaint of domestic violence against the husband with the police. She was a physical education teacher in a local school.

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