Sonu Sood tasted Litti-Chokha in Bihar, said – I have fun, Viral Video


Sonu Sood visited Gyansthali High School in Bihar on Thursday.
Fans fed litti chokha to Sonu Sood.

Sonu Sood Video: Actor Sonu Sood is very popular among the common people. Apart from films, he holds a special place in the hearts of people for his social work. Recently he reached Bihar and outside the airport a large number of people surrounded him. The actor also did not offend the fans and greeted everyone from the car itself. Meanwhile, fans brought Litti-Chokha in the plate, then they tasted the famous dish of Bihar with great pleasure.

Sonu Sood seemed very happy about his welcome in Bihar. He has shared a video of himself on Instagram, in which he is seen eating litti-chokha. In the video, after eating litti-chokha, seeing his expression, it seems that he enjoyed eating it. Sonu wrote with the video, ‘Bihar welcomed with litti chokha. Gratitude.’ In the video, his fans are seen raising slogans of ‘Sonu Sood Zindabad’.

special identity among people
Let us tell you that Sonu Sood often helps people. In such a situation, many needy people also gather outside Sonu Sood’s house. Sonu often hears from people about their problems and tries to solve the problems at their level. Sonu Sood had helped people a lot even during the Corona epidemic. This is the reason why Sonu is recognized among the people as a good actor as well as a good person.

Sonu Sood visited Gyansthali High School in Bairia, Bihar on Thursday. Here he was honored by the management for his cooperation in the education of poor and meritorious students. Sonu said that I have an attachment to Bihar. The people here are very nice and give love from the heart. Sonu also bears the education expenses of many poor children. Sonu believes that education is very important for children.

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