Sonu Sood is very sad on the loudspeaker-Hanuman Chalisa controversy, has expressed his opinion

Loudspeaker and Hanuman Chalisa controversy is in the headlines in the country these days. A lot of politics is also happening on this matter. Leaders have been very opinionated on this matter. Now on the loudspeaker and Hanuman Chalisa controversy, actor Sonu Sood, who became the messiah of the people, has put his side. He is deeply saddened by this ongoing controversy in the country. During the JITO Connect 2022 Summit in Pune, he expressed his opinion on this matter and appealed to the people to unite.

The name of Sonu Sood is one of those Bollywood actors who give their opinion on the issues going on in the country and abroad. Recently, he gave his stand on the loudspeaker and Hanuman Chalisa controversy going on in the country. He bluntly said that the time has come that people should break the boundaries of religion and caste.

It hurts to listen to people’s words
Talking on this issue, he mentioned the Corona period. He said that after seeing or hearing the poison that people are spewing on loudspeaker and Hanuman Chalisa controversy, it hurts very much. For the last two and a half years, we have been fighting a battle against Corona together. During the first and second of Corona, when people were worried about oxygen, then without worrying about religion, someone extended a helping hand to each other. The corona pandemic had united everyone.

appeal to political parties
Sonu Sood further appealed to the political parties that they all come together for a better country. The actor said that we have to break the boundaries of religion and caste so that we can contribute on humanitarian grounds and if we stand together beyond religion then the loudspeaker dispute will automatically end. Humanity, brotherhood will resonate in the society.

First time reaction on loudspeaker and Hanuman Chalisa controversy
Let us tell you that for the first time Sonu Sood has given any reaction on this matter. Sonu has been continuously helping people without any distinction of caste religion since the Corona period. Whenever people ask him for help on social media, he comes forward to help people. That’s why people also call him by the name of Messiah.

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