Sonam Kapoor got sweet cravings during pregnancy, reached the hotel, made chocolate balls together with the chef

Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor is going to become a mother soon. In March this year, he shared this good news with fans. Sonam is enjoying her pregnancy journey a lot. It is said that during pregnancy there is a craving to eat something. Something similar is happening with Sonam as well. Recently, he shared a video, through which he told the fans what he wanted to eat. After craving for sweet food, Sonam (Sonam Kapoor cravings sweet during pregnancy) reached the hotel in London and then together with the chef made Chocolate Balls herself.

Soman Kapoor is very active on social media. Ever since she announced her pregnancy, she has shared many pictures of herself with the baby bump. Now she has shared a video of her (Sonam Kapoor New Video), in which she is learning to make her favorite desert herself in a hotel in London.

Sonam, who always took care of diet, had a lot of sweet cravings during pregnancy, so she could not stop and she went to her chef friend in a London hotel. Sharing the video, she wrote, ‘During my pregnancy I am eating @cedricgrolet goodies. My dear friend had booked a surprise for me in his patisserie.

Seeing this video of Sonam on social media, people are commenting a lot. One user wrote – ‘Beautiful as always’, another wrote – ‘Pregnancy glow visible.’ Many fans have also shared heart emoji and blessing emoji in the comments section of his post.

Even before this, Sonam shared a picture of a chocolate dessert from her Insta story and also wrote, Treating my pregnancy craving.

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