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Sofia Hayat admitted to hospital, doctor told that life is in danger. Sophia Hayat admitted to hospital, doctor told that life is in danger

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Sofia Hayat


  • Sofia Hayat’s deteriorating health
  • admitted to hospital
  • Doctor told the threat of life

Sofia Hayat admitted to hospital: Ex-Bigg Boss contestant, actress and Indian cricketer Rohit Sharma’s ex-girlfriend Sofia Hayat informed her fans just a few days back, that she wants to explore her past life and connect with her soul. Will fast for days. However, he is now hospitalized in Spain. Sophia had fasted to take herself spiritually and closer to God. However, he did not like the process of fasting and was admitted to the hospital after his body salt decreased and he started feeling dizzy.

Sofia’s life in danger

Sofia Hayat has narrated her ordeal by sharing two videos in her Insta story. She said, “I am all alone, my family is not here with me. I need love, because the doctor has said that my life is in danger. I had fasted before and felt that God is all around me.” The positive energy is helping me to carry on the fast ahead.” Along with this, she has clearly written over the video, ‘I am going to die soon’.

The nun left the world of glamor

Remind you that Sofia, who was one of the most glamorous celebs of B Town, suddenly announced in June 2016 that she was retiring. Sophia declared that she embraced spirituality and became a nun. She adopted the name Gaia Sophia Mother.

Sofia Hayat


Sofia Hayat

Let us tell you that Sofia has appeared in ‘Bigg Boss 7’ and has hosted ‘Superdude’. Later, she appeared in ‘Welcome – Baazi Mehman Nawazi Ki’ and ‘Comedy Nights Bachao’.

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