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‘Smart Jodi’: Ankita Lokhande on Long Distance Relationship – ‘My husband should be with me’

Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain, one of the popular couples in the world of television, who are seen in the reality show ‘Smart Jodi’, have had an interesting journey on the show. The couple never shy away from expressing their love for each other and are quite vocal about their feelings. In the new promo shared by the channel on her social media handle, Ankita is seen talking about the long distance relationship.

In the promo of ‘Smart Jodi’, Ankita Lokhande tells the show’s host Maniesh Paul, “Long distance relationship is not everyone’s bus, frankly… we are just married, but before that we Are in long distance relationship. Vicky lives in Bilaspur and I live here. At first it seemed okay to come once in a while and then go back, but since we got married, it has become really difficult.

‘Now Vicky is very important to me’
in video Ankita Lokhande She further says, “There are such moments of life every day, where I want Vicky to be with me. When I go to sleep at night, my husband should be with me. I want to sleep with my head on his shoulder. She (Vicky) has become so used to me in life (then she holds Vicky’s hand loudly and says that) and now it is very important for me. I feel proud because of this bonding.”

were tied in the bond of marriage last year
Ankita and Vicky got married on December 14 last year in Mumbai. The two are one of the celebrity couples in ‘Smart Jodi’ and are winning the hearts of the audience every week with their strong chemistry. The show has been entertaining the audience for the past several weeks. 10 popular celebs couples have participated in the show. The show brought to the fore the chemistry and compatibility between the couples. In the show, the celebs revealed many interesting stories about their personal lives, which made the couple quite popular on social media. The show has now reached the finale episode.

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