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Siddhanth and Lakshmi will guard ‘foreign guests’ in Kuno Palpur, know who are these watchmen?

Bhopal. from Namibia The cheetahs brought to the Kuno Palpur National Sanctuary will now be guarded by the cheetah friends as well as the elephants here. Two elephants have also been deployed for the protection of cheetahs. They have been called from Satpura Tiger Reserve. Both elephants are specially trained. These will help the forest personnel in monitoring the cheetahs. Let us tell you that on September 17, 5 female and 3 male cheetahs have been brought from Namibia in the Kuno Palpur sanctuary of Sheopur district. Prime Minister Narendra Modi dedicated them to the country on the same day on his birthday.

These foreign guests are new to the environment here, so they will be kept in a separate enclosure for a month. Their safety is a big challenge. For this, all arrangements have been made on a large scale. The government has deployed Cheetah Mitras. The people of the area, including former bandit Sardar Ramesh Sikarwar, have been made cheetah friends. Now two elephants have also been called. Both these elephants, named Siddhanath and Lakshmi, brought from the Satpura Tiger Reserve, have expertise in controlling predatory animals, patrolling and rescue operations.

hence the need for security
By the way, the protection of cheetahs is the first priority of the forest department. Apart from this, the team of doctors and experts is continuously monitoring the behavior and health of the cheetahs. Later they will come out of the enclosure or else. The biggest challenge is to protect them from poachers. For external security, the Forest Department has called these two elephants. Their purpose is to keep cheetahs away from predatory animals as well. Elephants will prove to be helpful in all these works.

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Siddhanth is angry, Lakshmi is calm
came from satpura Siddhanath and Lakshmi will now guard the cheetahs. They have been given special training in patrolling, controlling predatory animals. Due to these qualities, elephants have been deployed in the protection of cheetahs. According to the information, Siddhanth is a bit angry, while Lakshmi is of a very calm nature. Both of them specialize in jungle safaris and patrolling.

A leopard is sitting inside the cheetah’s enclosure
Leopards had come first in the enclosure that has been prepared for cheetahs. The help of an elephant was also taken to drive them away, but still a leopard has kept an enclosure made for cheetahs.
He could not be taken out of the enclosure even after lakhs of efforts. This leopard did not even come in the bus of a pair of male and female elephants ordered from Satpura Tiger Reserve. The forest department team has been trying to get the leopard out of the enclosure by sitting on top of the elephants for almost a month. There is also a problem due to the big grass in the fence. Elephants start barking as soon as they reach in front of the attacking leopard. It is not coming out of the enclosure even after bursting firecrackers. After the completion of the quarantine time, the cheetahs are to be shifted to this enclosure.

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