Shraddha Kapoor created a stir by putting a photo in a black and bold dress, trending on Twitter

Shraddha Kapoor, who is counted among the cutest heroines of Bollywood, keeps sharing her beautiful photos with fans. Recently, Shraddha has raised the temperature of social media by putting a photo in a black dress. Shraddha has recently got a bold photoshoot done.

Whose pictures he shared on social media. Fans are looking very happy after seeing these photos. Not only this, Shraddha’s fans have made a trend on Twitter by resharing these photos. Now Shraddha is trending with #ShraddhaKapoor tag.

Millions of likes got in few minutes
Instagram’s mercury has gone up as soon as Shraddha’s photo is posted. Shraddha has shared 3 photos on Instagram. In these photos, Shraddha is seen wearing a Thai high slit gown. Shraddha is looking very beautiful in this black color dress. Fans are very fond of these photos of Shraddha. Millions of likes have been received on these photos of Shraddha in a few minutes. Not only this, these photos of Shraddha are also trending on Twitter. More than one and a half thousand people have posted these photos.

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Shraddha is looking very beautiful in this black color dress. (Photo Credits: Instagram@shraddhakapoor)

Shraddha remains active on social media
Let us tell you that Shraddha Kapoor is very active on social media. She keeps sharing her photos with fans constantly. Recently, Shraddha’s father Shakti Kapoor has celebrated his 70th birthday. On her father’s birthday, Shraddha shared a picture with him and brother. In this picture, Shakti Kapoor is seen sitting in front of the cake. That’s where Shraddha and her brother stand there.

trending on twitter
Please tell that Shraddha Kapoor has a fan following on social media. More than 74 million people follow Shraddha Kapoor on Instagram. Shraddha also keeps sharing photos with her fans continuously. Let us tell you that Shraddha is one of the successful actresses of Bollywood.

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