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Shilpi Raj’s Bhojpuri song ‘Silvatia’ rocked, 6 million people stunned on Shweta Mahara’s style

Bhojpuri actress Shweka Mahara has been climbing the stairs of success one by one ever since she got the support of Worldwide Records. One reason for this is also Shilpi Raj. Because working with Worldwide also got her the support of trending singer Shilpi, she has that magic and clunker in her voice, after listening to which everyone is drawn towards her. In such a situation, now a song of this pair ‘Silvatiya’ is rocking. It has been a month since its release and the song has been viewed more than 6 million times.

Bhojpuri Song ‘Silvatiya’ has been released from the YouTube channel of Worldwide Records Bhojpuri. In this, Shweta is saying about her sister-in-law that the ‘Silvatia’ we are grinding turmeric is grinding on the same ‘Silvatia’, Nand is grinding chili. Shweta’s sister-in-law in the song is not leaving any chance to harass her. Similarly, there is a lovely tussle in the song. At the same time, in the song, Shweta is seen in a sari in an Indian dress, in which there is no answer to her beauty. She looks amazing in it. Also, there is no answer to his expressions and dance steps in this. This is the reason that while Shilpi Raj’s voice is forcing people to listen to these songs, Shweta’s performances are also forcing the audience to watch the video again and again. It has got more than 6 million views and more than 50 thousand likes. People are praising his video fiercely.

Ratnakar Kumar is the producer of Bhojpuri Song ‘Silvatiya’ presented by Worldwide Records. Singer is Shilpi Raj Songs. This song has been filmed on Shweta Mahara. The lyrics of the song are by Vijay Chauhan. Music is given by Arya Sharma. The director is Bhojpuria. The choreographers are Goldie Jaiswal and Bobby Jackson. The editor is Meetji. The production heads are Zubair Shah and Pankaj Soni.

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