Shikhar Dhawan will make his Bollywood debut after the cricket pitch, will debut with this powerful film!

Shikhar Dhawan ie ‘Gabbar’ is one of the famous sports celebrities. In IPL 2022, these days he is seen playing for the team of Punjab Kings. After showing his flair on the cricket pitch, now Shikhar Dhawan is going to show his Jauhar in front of the camera. If you are a fan of every style of Shikhar, then the news is for you. The ‘Gabbar’ of the Indian team is now about to appear in Bollywood (Shikhar Dhawan Bollywood debut). Shikhar Dhawan has got a powerful film in his hand, in which he will now be seen showing his acting as Jauhar.

Shikhar Dhawan will now be seen showing his flair in the mainstream film with his debut in Bollywood with a playground pitch and he has also geared up for this. According to a report by Pinkvilla, ‘Gabbar’ has completed the shooting of the film some time back. However, the title of the film has not been revealed yet.

Shikhar Dhawan will be seen in a strong role
The report quoted a source as saying that Shikhar Dhawan has a lot of respect for the actors and when he was offered the part of this film, he was very happy about it. The makers felt that Shikhar was perfect for that part of the film. In such a situation, when the makers approached Shikhar Dhawan, he could not deny him. This role was offered to Shikhar Dhawan only last month. This is not a cameo role. Shikhar Dhawan is going to play an important role in the film and the film is expected to release this year.

Akshay Kumar-Ranveer Singh are good friends of ‘Gabbar’
In October last year, Shikhar was seen on the sets of Akshay Kumar’s film ‘Ram Setu’. After this rumors arose that the cricketer was a part of the film. However, Shikhar is not making his debut with ‘Ram Setu’. Interestingly, she and Akshay are close friends, which is why Shikhar had only come to meet him on the sets. Shikhar and Ranveer Singh are also good friends. Last year, he shared a picture with the actor and congratulated him on the success of the film 83.

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