Shanaya Kapoor loves to hang out with Suhana Khan-Ananya Pandey, is quite nervous about her debut film ‘Behadak’


Shanaya Kapoor is making entry in Bollywood with the film ‘Bedhadak’.
Shashank Khaitan is directing this upcoming film in 2023.

Shanaya Kapoor Debut. The entry of star kids in Bollywood is considered easy. For the children of celebs, the road to the first film is easier than the others. But with the first film, the same fear remains inside the star kids as in the mind of an artist coming from outside the film world. These days Shanaya Kapoor, daughter of Sanjay and Maheep Kapoor ,There are discussions about Shanaya Kapoor’s entry into the film world. Shanaya Kapoor is making her acting debut in Bollywood with the film ‘Bedhadak’. In such a situation, he talked to about his upcoming film and debut.

When Shanaya was asked in the conversation that you are going to step into this field yourself, belonging to a film family. What do you feel about this? Responding, the actress said, ‘I have mixed feelings. This is something for which I have been waiting since childhood. Since now I am going to be a part of the film world, I am both nervous and excited. But I know I have worked hard and prepared myself for this moment. I think every artist has his own journey. One cannot prepare by seeing how someone else’s debut was.

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work must be honest
Further Shanaya also told that she has done two workshops with Rachit Singh. He said, ‘He (Rachit Singh) always tells me to feel the moment I am in. This is what I have learned that one should not try to create any emotion, but try to live it so that it comes from within and is visible on the face. Overall, work should be done honestly.

Shanaya wants to challenge more and more
Responding to a question, Shanaya revealed that she wants to be versatile. She said, I want to be versatile and want to do films for every Test. I want to challenge myself as much as possible and for this I want to do all those characters which will enhance me as an artist. I want to make a mark as an artist who completely immerses himself in doing his character.

very important to move
She further says that, in my opinion, there is no better drama school than visiting. The artist has to play different types of characters. In such a situation, walking is very important to understand the character. This gives an opportunity to know and understand each and every aspect. When you go to a new place, you get to learn a lot about the culture, new people, food, dress, religion etc. This changes the way you think.

Likes to smoke with Suhana-Ananya

In the conversation, Shanaya told that she ananya pandeyIt’s great to hang out with Suhana Khan and our moms. Walking with these people is one of the memorable moments of his life. He also told that New York is his favorite destination. In London, he also likes to eat iced coffee and pizza.

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