Shamshera: Director started entering Ranbir Kapoor’s personal life to vent his anger, know why?

Ranbir Kapoor is in the headlines these days for his upcoming film ‘Shamshera’. Finally, the makers have released the trailer of the most awaited period action drama. Ranbir was seen doing tremendous action in the trailer. Although the audience is quite impressed by his ‘rough and tough look’ in the trailer. His transformation has taken everyone by surprise. But let us tell you that all this was not easy for Ranbir. During the trailer launch of ‘Shamshera’, Ranbir has made an interesting disclosure about his transformation journey.

During the trailer launch event of ‘Shamshera’, while answering a question on the transformation look, Ranbir said that it was very difficult for him. As reported by Pinkvilla, Ranbir said, “I think the one thing I really lack as an actor is anger. I am not an angry man. I am a very fun, jovial, aloof guy. That’s why I get along with Karan (Malhotra).

How do I get the anger out of you?
Ranbir further explains that when he started sitting up for the film with Karan Malhotra, during that time he told Ranbir, ‘How to get rid of anger from inside you’? After that he started delving deeper into Ranbir’s ‘past life to his personal life’ because he really wanted to get into that side of me, which made Ranbir angry.
To this Ranbir further said that when you start a conversation with the director, you make it together. It seems like a partnership and in such a situation, I have found a great partner in Karan.

it was very hard work
Further talking about his transformation, Ranbir says, “It was a very tough job, believe me there were days on the set where I would sit because I thought ‘I can’t do this’. Apart from the physical stress in doing this part, the feelings like mental stress, high octane were quite high. It’s really expressing itself. I always used to pray to God during the shoot that ‘Please look at me, how hard I am working’. I was going through some such situations in those days, but I am glad that I did it well.”

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